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20130112_183428_020130112_205824_020130112_183048_020130112_182400_020130112_182532_020130112_205538_020130112_182501_020130112_182349_0Snapseed_3What do you get when you have a crazy fun group of triathletes, bold team colors (black, green and orange), a team wide love of glow sticks and an end of the year wrap party? A great evening, that’s what! I am not only a board member for the CdA Tri Team but I am also their custom graphics and design sponsor so I was able to have a little fun and decorate our space for the big event. Proof you don’t need a big budget to have a fun party…only some elbow grease and a little imagination! The party was a resounding success and there is already talk of making 2013’s bigger and more swanky :0)

So this begins my entrance into official event design and i couldn’t be more thrilled. I have loved the idea of designing and planning parties, weddings and various other events for years and it seems I am now officially starting.

Bring it 2013! Who wants to party?!?



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