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It is time. Time to start ramping up projects for the new year and getting ready for an outpouring of creativity that will carry me through the next 11 months. This year I am curious what you guys are wondering about. Have any creative topics you would like to explore? Topics that have you scratching your head? Topics out of the norm but that might benefit from some creative perspectives and applications? Leave a comment and we can explore things together! Until then I’ll be gearing up…this is gonna be fun :0) Bring it on 2013! Let’s do this!

Instagram. If you haven’t heard of it you have been living under a rock. Not only is it hugely popular with the instant gratification side of us all but it allows us to document every second of our lives and share it as we wish.  The whole concept truly fascinates me. Instagram is the scrapbook for the digital age. It is one place where friends, family and absolute strangers can get a glimpse into the story of your life, your interests, and passions and personality. Strange concept but I care to view it as a tool for creativity. Whether you are a trained designer or photographer like me or if you are just randomly finding joy in shooting highlights of your life, the point is you are looking. Looking for interesting moments you will want to remember. Looking for rare moments that, if left un-captured, will be lost in time and forgotten. Looking for inspiration and memories. Looking for excitement and meaning. I say keep looking! Keep capturing whatever it is that captures your attention and looking ahead for the next great shot!

instagram collage

I will continue to rock my Instagram at hillaryfairfield and am excited to keep my finger on the phone camera trigger, always ready to go! Come follow me and let’s share our inspirations!

If you haven’t heard of CdA Tri Team…give me one second!

We are an awesome triathlon team that not only does the swim-bike-run but also does fun lighthearted activities like hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, snow shoeing, etc. Basically the works. If it is active, fun and outdoors we do it. Period.

However, this year we grew so much that it caused us to slightly re-brand ourselves and prepare ourselves to grow as a brand and as a group in the coming year. And you can’t look good doing all those fun races and activities without some cool team gear, right? Yup, that is what we thought. So as an active board member and the graphic designer for the bunch I whipped us up a number of apparel options as well as new jerseys that I am stoked to share with you! We are fine tuning the jerseys with the manufacturer so those will be coming shortly but what I can share are our membership t-shirt, our tech t-shirt, and our sweatshirt. They are clean, graphic, and much more professional than the last iterations. They now have a graphic punch. And while the Jerseys are still the creme de la creme these are going to go over well also.

While I can’t show you the final renderings from the manufacturer (the big unveiling will be at our upcoming club meeting) I can share our design drafts that we worked on as a board:

Membership t-shirts: cotton t’s with basic graphics and all sponsors shown on back (guess what, Hillary Fairfield Designs is an official sponsor for the 2013 season…WOOT WOOT!! More of that to come later as well!)


Sweatshirts: cotton, either black or white, with ‘stick men’ up and down the right sleeve, each figure representing one of our various activities. All sponsors listed on the back.



Tech T’s: performance fabric, ‘tread’ design with a playful logo placement and our upper level club sponsors on the back.

And just for a quick sneak peak here is a teaser for the design of the jersey ;0) Surprise, surprise, it is freakin bright green! No missing our teammates at races this year! Stay tuned for the official renderings!!!


Camera 3602012 was a totally crazy one. At times I would have two or three photo shoots per week in addition to my 50 hour per week interior design job. Other times I would go a month without any shoots and rarely picked up my camera. This is just sad. It is also not how to stay sharp and continue honing your skills as a photographer. So, my second resolution for 2013 is to spend at least 2 hours per week with my camera, separate from any shoots that come my way. I want to just spend time having fun looking through a lens. At the end of the day that is what it truly about, right? If you can’t have fun with photography you shouldn’t be doing it. Plain and simple. So I will be having some regularly planned photo fun and sharing it right here.

Is there a passion you have let slip in 2012 that you can reignite in 2013? You might be surprised how it can add a burst of joy to your week :0)

20121228_213618_0Okay, fess up. We all do it. Make resolutions that never quite make it to April 1st, let alone December 31st. This year needs to be different. As I look ahead to 2013 I can’t help but be grateful for all that 2012 has blessed me with, both personally and professionally. It has definitely been a hard year but God has clearly opened doors and while I am not sure exactly where I am headed I know I am going towards something exciting. So with hopeful anticipation I have decided to make attainable resolutions that will benefit my design knowledge and work as well as my business as a whole. I figure it is harder to push those aside, right? It really is a win-win as each of these items helps me de-stress, clear my head, and sharpen my creative thought process.

So over the next week I will be sharing my 2013 design resolutions with you and hopefully you will make some solid ones of your own! so with that…drum roll please…

2013 Resolution #1 : Book-It!

Yup, time to bust out the books! While I can appreciate those fancy e-readers and ipads I find solace and comfort with a physical book in hand, whether or not I fall asleep with it laying on my face and lose the page I was on. There is just something magical and romantic about curling up with a good book, right?! So this year I have mapped out a monthly reading plan that I am excited about but more importantly is actually attainable.  I got the idea from my bro over at http://www.benfairfield.com, particularly his post on making a 2013 Reading Growth Plan. Such a great idea! (This guy seriously knows his stuff…even if he did make me smell his stinky feet as a kid!) My reading growth plan ranges from personal business to interior design, and architecture to photography. Gotta cover all angles! And if this weren’t enough I also have a reading growth plan for my food baby http://www.creativefueling.com. I am stoked! So much great information and so much relaxing quiet time…BRING IT!

I will be posting my reading plan at the beginning of each month so keep your eyes peeled for some great books and resources that may be of benefit to you as well.

Here is my January reading plan and I highly recommend you check out each of these yourself:

  • Knowing Your Value by Mika Brzezinski
  • Good To Great by Jim Collins
  • Click magazine
  • Residential Architect magazine
  • Elle Decor magazine

Do you have some books you are hoping to read in the coming year? Have you been putting them off? Is it time to create your own reading growth plan?