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The search for a new shower curtain for the revamped master bathroom has commenced! While I wait till tomorrow to find more travertine dome molding pieces (please, oh, please let Lowes have some cause Home Depot did not!) I am keeping up project momentum by looking forward to when the tile will be done. And what dresses up new shower tile like a trick shower curtain? Not much!

With the plethora of options available via home stores and the internet it can easily become paralyzing. Luckily, I have two things working for me: 1. I have the world’s smallest reno budget and 2. I know what color parameters I am working in (I want to tie the bathroom to the master bedroom which is painted Sherwin Williams Moody Blue. The Bathroom will be a much lighter hue but will have similar tones to tie the spaces together). Using those guides has helped me navigate my way through the shower curtain hunt. I know I want it to have a subtle nautical feel as well as add in some texture to the space. And it may sound strange but my old shower curtain was translucent and I loved it! The bathroom is itty-bitty and it was nice to let some light from my small window flood into the shower stall itself. Something about sunshine on a Saturday morning that just makes a girl smile. So that is also a consideration for the new curtain baby.

This is the first curtain beauty that caught my eye. Found here at WestElm.com it is at the high-end of the shower curtain budget but I love the subtle texture and subtle transparency. The pleated pintucks are a feminine touch and would reference the lines of the travertine 2×2 tiles in the shower surround.

This is the second option I liked. Now I have never been much of a ruffles kind of girl but I am kind of digging this. Go figure!

Then there was color! This shower curtain has the perfect color combo to tie to my master bedroom and at 100% cotton it is lightweight enough to not completely block out light. Score!

So there you have it, the shower curtain contenders. Hopefully I will finish putting up the tiles this weekend, seal them a few times, grout and seal them again. Goodness knows I am itching to be able to shower in my own bathroom again! So cross your fingers and check back for more updates on the master bath facelift.


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Tiling time! After over a year of having moisture issues in my bathroom it is finally time to tile the walls around the shower. I realized this when I went to take down the shower curtain rod to replace the liner and with it came a chunk of paint along with some drywall tape…no good. So after immediately moving my showering into the guest bathroom I thoroughly dried the master bath and prepped it for the tile doc…aka me with a notch trowel, float and a caulking gun. Now this is my master bathroom and while she is small she is a champ. So it is time I show her some love and give her a facelift. And since the existing drywall is in good condition and the tiled areas are not wet walls I was able to work with what I had rather than ripping out the existing drywall and installing concrete backer board. Few! That would have been more than I could have tackled on my own.

In order to protect the current drywall from any moisture damage that could happen with continued use of the shower I bought some travertine tiles to put on the walls and frame the shower unit. I actually bought them two years and have let them chill in the garage ever since, knowing this day would eventually come. By tiling the surrounding walls I won’t have to worry about the moisture building up and I can hang my curtain high, a perk being the shower unit itself will not be half as noticeable (which is great!) as all you will see is the tile surround. So with duct tape, drywall puddy, caulk, thin set, grout, and the tools to get stuff done I set to work.

For starters I took a diluted bleach solution and wiped down all the walls to be tiled, just to make sure I had a clean surface. Then I caulked the perimeter of the shower surround (same color as the grout) for added moisture protection and insurance. Then there was the issue of the drywall damage. To make sure that no further paint or drywall tape would rip off over time or prevent a secure bond with the thin set I did what a coworker of mine calls the duct tape test. Basically, you put duct tape on a wall and take it off. Complicated I know. It works though and clearly lets you know if the ripping is done or if there is going to be more. So after a quick duct tape test I patched the tear and let it dry overnight.

She was now ready to tile, ready for a face lift, and ready to be water tight! It took a good while but after a solid day of work I was left with this:

Incomplete but already looking better! The reason I stopped was because I ran out of the dome molding that is to go around the perimeter of the shower unit. Yup…no good. However, I did find them at Home Depot and will have to grab a few to finish off the sides of the surround. I also need to figure out how I am going to treat that tricky rounded corner. Do I square it off with the 2×2 tile or do I try to work some kind of tile magic and keep the curve? Hopefully my trip to Home Depot to pick up the molding pieces will spark some inspiration.

After the rest of the tile is up it is on to sealing, grouting, and more sealing. Oh, the joy! My upper back muscles are not thrilled about this but I am very eager to be able to shower in my en suite master bath again…oh, the things we take for granted.

P.S. Please excuse the color of the walls. It is a long story but it was a quick fix and not a great one. New paint will be coming this year to match the soon-to-be prettified shower and to tie it to the master bedroom.

Stay tuned…

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The Office Art is Up!

The art is finally on the wall and she looks fantastic! The frame ties to my diploma frames on the opposite wall wonderfully and the organic silver element adds a loose and organic vibe against all the hard edges around it. Love it! So while there is still much to do to this little home office it has come a long way in only a few months. (What can I say? I am a girl on a budget!) From taking a boring wall and painting a chevron pattern, to building a desk , mapping out the space, installing floating bookshelves, installing a trace bar, and now hanging the art, it seems this room might actually be taking shape. Once the temperatures outdoors warm up I will have some small projects to do in here but until then I am enjoying how far it has come.

For your information the beautiful framing was done by Gail Buy with Ryan Gallery & Picture Frames…such a talent! I didn’t know you could have such unique elements in a frame. The silver spacer? AWESOME! And she perfectly color matched the pencil liner accent to the Cafe de la Paix stamp in the image. DOUBLE Awesome! Check these guys out as they are a jewel in Las Vegas.

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As a self-professed design über nerd I have a decent collection of architecture books.  They are wonderful and I plan on keeping them all. However, in a small home with a small office I have found it to be a challenge to house my design library. I have bookshelves in the office of course but that isn’t enough. I am a lucky girl to have such a great resource library at hand yet I wanted to find a sleek bookshelf option to go on either side of my desk. Something that would not take up floor space and that wouldn’t detract from the business of the chevron pattern…ENTER CHIASSO!

chiasso inspired design for the home

With a fun selection of home goods in a range of price points I found exactly what I was looking for…

Large Invisible Bookshelf

The invisible Bookshelf! It screws into the wall (preferrably studs), holds up to 30lbs, and completely disappears when loaded with books. Install was a snap…on the left side of the desk. For the right side I will have to pick up some metal wall anchors as the stud is about two inches to the right of where I will be placing the bookshelf…crossing my fingers those will be installed without a hitch later this afternoon.

Here is one that is already installed. You can see how easy it really is! Two screws and you are done. Just take a hardcover book, slide it on and hook the bottom cover onto the handy-dandy little lip and you are good to go.

While there is another version of this product here I only wanted one stack of books so this was a perfect fit. Such an easy upgrade for some much-needed storage. I could see these being great as side tables in a bedroom or five of them stacked in a row in a nursery for storage and display out of reach of the little ones. I am officially a fan so take a look at Chiasso for yourself and see where you could use these in your abode.

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An (almost)Done Office

In the grand scheme of things I am almost done with the office…and it only took two and a half years…good grief. It has been a long time coming but it is finally starting to look like a functional space…who knew? The office started out like this but after a paint job and desk project it is looking mighty fine. Less traditional and more conducive to creative thinking and productivity I think it is a keeper. I have a few more tweaks and pieces to add but I am so close! While the door was white it was an icky “yellowish-white” so I painted it the same color as the base trim. (the pic is pre-paint job as well as pre-trace bar install). The glass top comes in Wednesday, the floating bookshelves go in this weekend, curtains are hanging proudly and I have a large graphic poster of Paris being framed that will go right smack dab in the middle of it all. Oh, and did I mention I found a Tolix (knockoff) chair for less than $80 (original Tolix chairs go for almost $300)?  Unheard of! So with a quick once over with some spray paint it will look nice and at home nestled up to the desk. Now what color…

So it seems next week the office will be up and running and I will move my computer antics from the floor in front of the desk to the actual desktop…what a dreamy thought. Now if only I could finish altering/painting the desk accessories, get all the random cords under control and find a fun ceiling light and a rug to help cover the carpet I would be in heaven…I might have to spend some time at Overstock.com tomorrow…

Here is a process pic (please excuse the poor lighting as it was the middle of the night and I didn’t perk up the white balance on the camera):

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So here I am, more than two years in my place and still no desk. I actually didn’t even have internet until last weekend but now I am up and running at home and ready to use that third bedroom. So, while I have loved having online access at home I have not enjoyed laying on the floor while using the laptop. I am a cheap girl so I have not sprung for the wireless modem yet and am using the free one that came with the service installation. Therefore, I must chill in my desk-less office to do my computer schenanigans…that is until now! After many months and many pictures, concepts, sketches, sketchup models, talks with my construction minded father and brother, I have decided what I am going to do. While budget is little to nothing, I decided to make it as custom as possible using as many local items as I could find. So here goes…Desk math at it’s best!

2 Ikea VIKA MOLIDEN desk legs ($30 each)


1 Five panel Masonite Riverside door from Home Depot ($90)


1 30″ x 80″ pane of glass


4 pieces wood apron trim to soften top to legs transition ($10)


My new desk!

The legs arrived this week and my gracious father is helping me pick up the door on Sunday (cause compact cars don’t handle 80″ doors well). I am almost up and running! What a fun thought that by the first of the year my carpet lounging computer time will be a thing of the past… Now if only I could find a silver Tolix chair half off I would be golden!

Check out some inspiration images I found online. I love the metal legs and clean lines look so I guess mine is an interpretation of that.                      

For some truly unique and off the charts desk designs be sure to check out the links below…I dream of one day having a desk half as cool as these!


‘Till then, I have these as eye candy:





Desk Inspiration images from www.desiretoinspire.net

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The time has come…time to throw on old clothes, roll up the sleeves, and dig into the heap that has become my garage. Well,…it came last weekend actually. Step 1: Clear the clutter!  I don’t know how it always seems to look like a tornado just blew through but somehow after a year of many DIY projects, both successes and failures, it was becoming hard to park my car…and I have a compact!  So, last weekend I mustered the energy to dive into the mess, head first.  In less than a day I was able to take my DIY area of the garage…also known as a disheveled conglomeration of scrap wood pieces, gallons and gallons of paint, miscellaneous tools and project materials, and some shelves (donated second-hand by my parents!) and came up with an organized and clutter free solution.  I was even able to rescue my workbench (welded and constructed by my talented brother) from it’s own clutter heap…sheesh!  Even better? I was able to lend some of the crates I no longer need to my nephew for his new Big Boy room.  That’s a real win-win!  

And I must say, the spray paint on the floor is a fun reminder of the projects I have completed this year. So, after reprogramming the garage door (which has not been done since I moved in two years ago) I was done for the day…a little dirty and feeling confident in my killing four huge spiders over the course of the day. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Coming this weekend?  Step 2:  Hang a section of pegboard to neatly organize and store items such as the broom, snow shovel, swiffer (a.k.a. outdoor spider killer) and anything else that can be taken off the floor.

Now is a great time to dig into your own garage. Follow the tips below for your own clutter conquering success!

1. Clean, clean, clean! Go through all your stuff and separate it into piles. I like the keep, donate, and trash pile method best. My rule is if I haven’t used something in the last year then I clearly don’t need it and can either donate it or pitch it.

2. Just as a home has different zones, your garage should too. By identifying different storage zones your organizing will go faster and your chances of keeping it up in the months ahead increase. Personally, I have an area for my DIY projects (shown in the before and after pictures), a storage area with the Christmas tree, bins containing memorabilia from my younger days and college, as well as various household decorations that get rotated out throughout the year, and an area for maintenance tools such as the snow shovel, ladder and broom.

3. Organize each zone separately using whatever method works best for you. Whether it is big Rubbermaid bins, small clear plastic cubbies, open shelves, or cabinetry, do what works best for you so that you will be more inclined to use the organization system and keep the area up.

4. Label it up! Make sure that your stuff is clearly labeled using a permanent marker. This will make it easier to see where your stuff is without having to play the guessing game.

For more garage clean-up fun check out the following links:

How to clean a cement garage floor

How to clean oil spillages

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