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Earlier this fall I wrapped up a fun graphic design job. Four Seasons Property Services needed a logo designed and I whipped up a fun solution for them. The photo to the left was the original mock-up idea and the following images are the final result after working with the client to fine tune it to his needs. Pretty fun stuff! I can’t wait to see the business grow and start seeing the logo on shirts and hats and vehicles around town!


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Rowing has always been a part of the Lake City. Coeur d’Alene is known for its outdoor recreation as well as access to multiple beautiful lakes. Naturally, having been born and raised in CdA, I have always had a draw towards the water. In high school I had my chance to expand upon that. I not only helped form the first high school rowing team in Idaho but also acted as team Captain for two years. Needless to say I fell in love with the sport and fell even more in love with the water. That draw has never left me but continues to call me back. So when it was time to name my Masters of Architecture Thesis project it was a no brainer: A boathouse for the rowing community I love.

The sport is growing at a  rapid pace and the last few years have been very exciting. There is a National rise in community rowing programs and clubs  are breaking from the traditional European mold to begin to make rowing their own. Expression of the sport is being explored through the recent surge in boathouse architecture, with clubs claiming their own identity through their facility.  The Coeur d’Alene Rowing Association does not have a boathouse at the moment but is passionate about creating such a unique and expressive facility.

The club currently houses their boats on wood racks down by our docks and in the winter the club stores their boats at the fairgrounds in an empty building. While this works for now their dream has always been to design and build their own boathouse that would serve current members, draw new members to the sport, and nurture the sports education and training that is associated with rowing success. That’s where I came in. I interviewed club members as well as the club president, talked with the city who gave us their full support, did multiple site visits and developed a custom program to serve the club’s current and future needs. Stylistically I drew concepts from the Bauhaus as they parallel the mentality of the sport.



































The boathouse site is located on Fernan Lake, where the club practices and has their docks. The site enhancements would include:

  • Preserve the site while giving it back to the community as a public park space
  • Complete the existing walkway and build a pedestrian bridge over the small inlet
  • Add a fire pit for casual club gatherings and post practice reviews
  • Xeriscaping and gardens
  • Security Lights
  • Place building to passively protect from eastern and western sun while allowing for northern light and southern solar gain.
  • Build sequential viewing vistas along the edge of the lake so that the full three lane, 2k race length could be enjoyed and spectators could be engaged in regattas.

“Harmony, Balance, Rhythm.

There you have it.

That is what life’s all about.”

-George Pocock




















































 Design Elements:

  • Showcasing structure and allowing uninterrupted views the facility enhances the soul’s connection to nature.
  • The facility does not disrupt the site but exists with it in harmony.
  • Expression given through purity of form, geometry, proportion, transparency, and materiality.
  • Circulation axis acts as the datum of the composition and visually continues into the earth
  • Varying levels of light and shading allow visual texture and areas seasonal respite.
  • Floating Stairs and mezzanine: metal decking allows light to pass through and provide shadow texture.
  • Varying  spatial volumes allow for optimal user comfort. 
  • Open plan allows for community gatherings and adaptability.
  • Due to summer use the northern position of living spaces aids in passive thermal comfort
  • Storage room acts as trophy case to highlight the sculpture, artistry, and technology of the shell.
  • Shells must be protected from damaging UV rays. Room allows southern gain and indirect east and west sunlight.
  • Provides storage for: (6) 60’ eights, (4) 42’ fours, (4) 33’ doubles, (10) 28’ singles,  13’ Sweep Oars, 11’ Scull Oars
  • Area for equipment maintenance
  • The structure and interiors work together to provide seamless transitional views from inside to out & outside to in.
  • Expression of structure on the interior shows the spirituality of its form and strength.
  • Outdoor deck provides additional seasonal respite spaces and  float like the docks on the water, allowing the landscape to pass underneath it.

When all was said and done the club loved the boathouse and still have goals to implement it when funding allows.











“There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness, & truth.”-Leo Tolstoy

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Edwards Reno: Part 2

Say hello to the after pictures of the completed Edwards kitchen! The design came out as I had imagined, is exactly what the Edwards needed, and they love their new space… Win-Win! It is now a welcoming space to greet all visitors and a gathering space for family and friends which was of utmost importance to the Edwards. We accomplished everything on their checklist and even added some additional items for good measure. 

Check out the photos and let me know what you think… 





Didn’t that turn out great?!

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Edwards Reno: Part 1

A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of working with the Edwards family in bringing their kitchen, formal sitting room, and dining room up to date. With dated cabinets, fixtures, and appliances and a random use of space (the sitting room was used as a full time at home office) this home was asking for some well deserved love after so many years of great use. After a few meetings and discussing how they would ultimately like to use the space we decided to demo the wall separating the kitchen from the sitting room to open up the overall space as well as raising the floor level of the sitting room. We then identified usage zones. The kitchen, the island & bar, the lounge and the dining room. Little did we know that by expanding the floor of the dining room to make it flush with the wall above we would carve out space for a new office workstation. So we ended up being able to serve all the original functions and expand upon their efficiency. Always nice! With a wish list quite long we were on our way.

This is what we started with…


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The parentals just finished taking their first home renovation step! (Applause sound in the background) After foregoing building a new home on a beautiful site overlooking Coeur d’Alene Lake they decided to stay in Hayden and make their current home more what they want and need. Enter their designer daughter. In taking their bathroom from builder stock to custom ‘North Idaho’ we did simple material changes, a new swipe of paint, and some character additions to make it read a little more interesting. All in all it was a quality reno on the cheap! The process went smoothly and the results are much more suited to their taste and needs.

Check out the before:


And the after:




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