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798403_463661203687912_1873061439_oHave you heard? There is a screaming promotion on Family Photo Sessions going on for the next few months! If you have been looking for a great and affordable way to capture your family this year you will not want to miss out on this opportunity! Contact Hillary Fairfield Designs today!



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So here they are. Pictures I grabbed on our “lunch break” while on site yesterday as we watched five guys and some chain effortlessly hoist a 1500lb fireplace mantel rock into place. Stinking amazing and it was definitely a rare opportunity to watch. I am so thankful I had my camera and was able to capture these moments!

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There is something about a construction site that fascinates me. The materialization of a design, of a vision and of a family’s future home where they will make amazing memories. And I have to say that yesterdays visit had the added bonus of being able to watch five guys work seamlessly together to hoist a 1500lb stone mantel into place…yeah…that was my lunch break! Excited for the next visit out and I’ll definitely have my camera then as well! Until then I will be posting the pics of the fireplace stone lifting fun tomorrow so stay tuned!

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It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes you can capture an image that tells a story all on its own. No additional words needed. No explanation. Just the power of what you see before you. This is one such picture that I captured last night in  my dad’s hospital room. Powerful time. Powerful image.


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A Joyful Visit

Here are some shots I took when my brother brought my nephew to see our dad. Dad was hurting and tired but it is amazing how a visit from his first grandson and namesake can bring instantaneous joy into the room, smiles to everyone’s faces, and talk of many Disney movies :0) In 20 years these will not be our favorite memories to look back on but we will be so fortunate to have them and remember the love our family shares not matter what life brings. These pictures help illustrate that.

Go, team Fairfield!


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Newborn - 2013With a new year comes new bundles of joy and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to capture some special moments with your new additions! Enter our 2013 promotion! Mention the code on this promo card upon booking and save 10% on your photo session. Print out the promo card and submit it upon booking and save an additional 5%! Standard pricing is on our Photography page but feel free to call directly for a custom photo session quote.

It’s a great deal for some great memories…catch them before they are gone and treasure them for a lifetime :0)

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Wedding & Engagement - 2013Getting married this year? Getting engaged? Or just want some pictures with your love? Either way this is the time to book it! Now through September first we are running a special on Love photo shoots! All you have to do is use the code shown on this promotion card upon booking and you will get 10% off! Print out the picture and submit it with your booking to get an additional 5% off. Crazy deal for some crazy love memories!

For pricing see the Photography page on our site and for a wedding quote please call directly for a custom package quote.

Cheers to Love in 2013!

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