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20130112_183428_020130112_205824_020130112_183048_020130112_182400_020130112_182532_020130112_205538_020130112_182501_020130112_182349_0Snapseed_3What do you get when you have a crazy fun group of triathletes, bold team colors (black, green and orange), a team wide love of glow sticks and an end of the year wrap party? A great evening, that’s what! I am not only a board member for the CdA Tri Team but I am also their custom graphics and design sponsor so I was able to have a little fun and decorate our space for the big event. Proof you don’t need a big budget to have a fun party…only some elbow grease and a little imagination! The party was a resounding success and there is already talk of making 2013’s bigger and more swanky :0)

So this begins my entrance into official event design and i couldn’t be more thrilled. I have loved the idea of designing and planning parties, weddings and various other events for years and it seems I am now officially starting.

Bring it 2013! Who wants to party?!?



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20121228_213618_0Okay, fess up. We all do it. Make resolutions that never quite make it to April 1st, let alone December 31st. This year needs to be different. As I look ahead to 2013 I can’t help but be grateful for all that 2012 has blessed me with, both personally and professionally. It has definitely been a hard year but God has clearly opened doors and while I am not sure exactly where I am headed I know I am going towards something exciting. So with hopeful anticipation I have decided to make attainable resolutions that will benefit my design knowledge and work as well as my business as a whole. I figure it is harder to push those aside, right? It really is a win-win as each of these items helps me de-stress, clear my head, and sharpen my creative thought process.

So over the next week I will be sharing my 2013 design resolutions with you and hopefully you will make some solid ones of your own! so with that…drum roll please…

2013 Resolution #1 : Book-It!

Yup, time to bust out the books! While I can appreciate those fancy e-readers and ipads I find solace and comfort with a physical book in hand, whether or not I fall asleep with it laying on my face and lose the page I was on. There is just something magical and romantic about curling up with a good book, right?! So this year I have mapped out a monthly reading plan that I am excited about but more importantly is actually attainable.  I got the idea from my bro over at http://www.benfairfield.com, particularly his post on making a 2013 Reading Growth Plan. Such a great idea! (This guy seriously knows his stuff…even if he did make me smell his stinky feet as a kid!) My reading growth plan ranges from personal business to interior design, and architecture to photography. Gotta cover all angles! And if this weren’t enough I also have a reading growth plan for my food baby http://www.creativefueling.com. I am stoked! So much great information and so much relaxing quiet time…BRING IT!

I will be posting my reading plan at the beginning of each month so keep your eyes peeled for some great books and resources that may be of benefit to you as well.

Here is my January reading plan and I highly recommend you check out each of these yourself:

  • Knowing Your Value by Mika Brzezinski
  • Good To Great by Jim Collins
  • Click magazine
  • Residential Architect magazine
  • Elle Decor magazine

Do you have some books you are hoping to read in the coming year? Have you been putting them off? Is it time to create your own reading growth plan?

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Well, it is done! After ups and downs and unexpected challenges and successes the Sylwester Master Bathroom Remodel is complete! The owners have been enjoying it for a while now, even accessorizing with some art, mirrors and a lively shower curtain. With a great neutral base the pops of blue strike their fancy quite nicely and what can I say? A happy client is a happy designer! Check out the afters and compare them to the before here…no more pink tile baby!






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Okay, I ran across this and wanted to get other people’s opinion. I am loving the stripe continuity between the paint and the tile (however, I do not care for the tile in general) and I really enjoy creative material transitions. However, this wood and overgrouted river rock transition has me stumped. First of all I am not a fan of wood in the bathroom. Not a useful function unless you want to replace your floors pretty often. I have seen it work in a few bathroom applications though so I can’t completely rule it out. I love the organic quality of the wood/tile lines but typically stray from overgrouted anything, much less river rock tile due to cleanability issues. What do you guys think? Would you sacrifice function for look? Would you rather have straight tile? I love clients who embrace a design vision but I also can completely relate to day-to-day maintenance concerns. Let me know your feedback!

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Inspiring Vino!

For some reason I have been running into some pretty unique wine bottle holders lately and just had to share. Such beautiful and creative use of materials while showcasing the bottle! Definitely a product love.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-7, 6

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Buy Homestead

I am stoked to work with a wonderful client this spring on her new residence! We are combining the warmth, character, and architectural elements of a traditional farmhouse while streamlining the details and adding a contemporary flavor. Unique home? I think so! Stay tuned to see what magic our team dreams up!

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Just call me Bond.  Hillary Bond.  Yes, I was involved in a covert design operation the week before Christmas and we sure had a good time with it!  The client and I ran into each other and schemed up a master bathroom remodel that would be a complete surprise Christmas present to his wife.  Luckily we pulled off the surprise and she was blown away and excited about the impending remodel. Of course now that she is in on it we will have another meeting to fine tune the design and also spend time discussing fixtures, furnishings and equipment.  We want to make it her dream bathroom while not spending a small fortune. (That is why we kept the layout as is.)  What a great gift idea, right?  As my client said, it is the gift that keeps on giving.  It is a space they will enjoy for years to come and will be a space of respite and relaxation for them both.  They both put their family and friends before themselves and this is an opportunity to make sure they have a space where they can simply focus on themselves and each other.  I am so happy to be a part of this project and look forward to showing you the ‘after’ photos.  Until then, take a peek at this before shot as well as my rendered shots of the Sketchup model I whipped up for them.



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