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20130210_204240_1So the first month has passed by in my ‘Book It’ resolution and things are going great so far. I read these two amazing books in January, along with a few fun magazines, and am stoked to read more! This month I will be reading some fun new design books and magazines I got recently and am excited to see what tidbits of design inspiration I can gain from them. This month my reading list includes:

  • The Freelancer’s Bible: Everything You Need To Know To Have The Career Of Your Dreams-On Your Terms by Sara Horowitz
  • Talent Is Not Enough: Business Secrets For Designers by Shel Perkins
  • Vintage Remix: The Interiors of Kishani Perera
  • Undecorate: The No Rules Approach To Interior Design

One word comes to mind after re-reading this list: AMBITIOUS! However, I know I can do it and it is great to have a challenge. To know I can continue to learn and grow as a designer, as a business owner and free-lancer is what will keep me powering through each and every one of these.

What have you been reading lately? Did you meet your previous reading goals? Are you going to start fresh this month? You can do it!!


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Instagram. If you haven’t heard of it you have been living under a rock. Not only is it hugely popular with the instant gratification side of us all but it allows us to document every second of our lives and share it as we wish.  The whole concept truly fascinates me. Instagram is the scrapbook for the digital age. It is one place where friends, family and absolute strangers can get a glimpse into the story of your life, your interests, and passions and personality. Strange concept but I care to view it as a tool for creativity. Whether you are a trained designer or photographer like me or if you are just randomly finding joy in shooting highlights of your life, the point is you are looking. Looking for interesting moments you will want to remember. Looking for rare moments that, if left un-captured, will be lost in time and forgotten. Looking for inspiration and memories. Looking for excitement and meaning. I say keep looking! Keep capturing whatever it is that captures your attention and looking ahead for the next great shot!

instagram collage

I will continue to rock my Instagram at hillaryfairfield and am excited to keep my finger on the phone camera trigger, always ready to go! Come follow me and let’s share our inspirations!

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It is amazing where inspiration can come from! As an athlete I find a lot of inspiration on jogs and hikes and swims just looking at nature. Today, however, I ran the Color Vibe 5k In Spokane, Washington and found a whole lot of color inspiration via the color bombs you get while on the course as well as the color dance party at the finish line! What a great way to kick off the weekend and get some beautiful color inspiration. Even the way the color landed and remained after the race was interesting and I had to document and share before all the scrubbing commenced ;0) !

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Just got done with a 7.5 mile hike and am reminded of how blessed we are to live in this country with the many freedoms we exercise on a daily basis. Thank you to all the past, present and future men and women who selflessly serve to protect our freedoms that we take for granted. You are the heart of America and we will never forget your service!

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I am a sucker for a good art installation and the cleverness of this Lego work pretty much made my morning.


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Inspirational quotes…

I love great quotes from successful designers. They are short pieces of inspiration that are based on their years of experiences, both good and bad. They can push you forward and propel you to continue to fight for what you believe in, fight for good design.

“Humour is the most important – an element of design.

It’s when you walk into a room and start smiling,

but you may not even know why.”

-Nicky Haslam, Britain’s exuberant designer to the rich and famous.

“A layering of neutrals and textures can look smart and sophisticated.

However, I’m all for the bringing of life, personality and depth into a room with strong pops of colour.”

Thom Filicia

Multitasking style expert

“One thing I ask clients to tell me is what they DON’T like.People are much clearer about what they don’t like than what they do. Make a list of the things you know you don’t want, and let that help define the things you do want. If you can’t describe exactly what you want, you can at least eliminate a lot of things.”

Thomas O’Brien

Master of understated luxury

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Product Love: Modernweave

As the construction of my latest home interiors project winds down we are looking for the last little elements that will truly make the space unique. So of course my interest was perked when I saw an advertisement for Modernweave Rugs in the latest issue of Canadian House&Home (One of my all-time favorite magazines). So many of their collections caught my eye and I instantly thought of my residential project. Even though this house is a more contemporary take on craftsman style the interiors have a stylized look of furniture and lighting fixtures from many different design eras so one of these rugs could fit right in! The beauty of these rugs is that they truly can transform a room and mesh beautifully with any style…that is what I call a brilliant product.

My personal favorites include their Modern Art designs:

But I also love the Splash Black and White rug designs that are part of the Modern Culture: Love Stories Collection:

Also the Modern Culture: Walking Fields Collection:

But what inspired me to investigate Modernweave further was this rug baby from the Modern Culture: Love Stories Collection. It would tie together all the colors in the client’s color palette as well as give a soft graphic to the open living room:

So take a look for yourself at the Modernweave website and see what designs inspire you!

Photos: Modernweave.com

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